Outdoor Multi-Functional Space 

  • 5 acres of lush, manicured lawn.

  • Perfect private outdoor space for weddings or any events.

  • Tricking stream and a charming wood bridge to walk through .

  • Tree-lined property,perfect backdrop for photos.

  • Relaxing and rejuvenating . You'll enjoy your special day!

  • Children’s playground on-site.

  • Easy access to parking-lot.

Looking for a calming suburban setting which is one with the nature?

5 acres of beautiful wooded grounds for nature lovers!Two outdoor space to choose from

We have the outdoor space in the middle of Northern New Jersey for your outdoor event needs.What a privilege !!!.Fall and Spring have the ideal temperatures for any outdoor events!

A natural setting your guests will remember for years to come.Each season has it's own scenic beauty around the Atrium of  Tenafly at St.Thomas Armenian Church.We can provide the perfect natural setting for your outdoor WEDDING or any special events.As your guests enjoy themselves with the natural scenic beauty of the setting, you'll have the best time of your life.We promise!

You can go formal or fun casual with our gracious outdoor grounds. Large expansive lawns with luscious greenery, seasonal colors and pure natural setting with a wooded background; can accommodate for bridal showers, birthdays, small to large weddings, receptions, fairs/festivals, summer outings, family or corporate picnics and team building, concerts with or without tents ...These are only a few ideas!Possibilities are endless here.

Forward thinkers!
Falling back on conventional methods is not for you?
 All good, we've got you covered. You can also rent out our front parking lot, it's right at in front of the facilities for your out of the box event ideas. It's fun and unique!