Nilesh Sheth -Paryushana Event on Both Halls 9/14/2018

We are truly thankful to the Atrium of Tenafly and St. Thomas Armenian Church of Tenafly NJ for allowing us to use their newly finished facility on a very short notice. Their hospitality and receptivity truly proved that how we all can coexist and be respectful of people of different faiths and beliefs.

We needed a place that could accommodate about 500 people to end our most auspicious holiday with breaking of the fasts.

The Atrium is done tastefully with a nice inviting architecture. The numerous skylights allow natural light to come through and create a bright, vibrant atmosphere.

Jacklyn was a very gracious host and accommodating. She even stopped by to see and fully understand the occasion and its significance along with the head priest. They showed great interest and learnt something about Jainism.

We had a very pleasant experience and would recommend the venue for pretty much any kind of event.

On Behalf of the Samuhik Parna Committee,